What’s In A Name?

Figuring out what medications you are on can be confusing, especially when they can go by either brand or generic name. Here is a list of some common oral diabetes medications and the names they can go by. Keep in mind “googling” can sometimes be confusing as the american brand names can also be different. When in doubt speak to a member of your healthcare team.

*generic – lowercase italics, brand name – uppercase BOLD

metformin (GLUCOPHAGE), long acting metformin (GLUMETZA)

gliclazide (DIAMICRON, DIAMICRON MR) (note: MR = modified release, which means the long acting form)

glyburide (DIABETA)

pioglitazone (ACTOS)

repaglinide (GLUCONORM)

sitagliptin (JANUVIA)

sitagliptin + metformin (JANUMET)

saxagliptin (ONGLYZA)

linagliptin (TRAJENTA)

linagliptin + metformin (JENTADUETO)

Sheetal Desai (Pharmacist and Diabetes Educator)

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