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I saw this in the Running Room magazine for January.  It was written by Tara Postnikoff , a registered nutritional consultant  on page 35 in her monthly column “Ask A Nutritionist”. The article is geared for runners but most of the suggestions would apply to all of us.  I will let Andrea, our expert dietitian, jump in with diabetes specific concerns.

I liked how she said nutrition is not “all or nothing”…..Just because you get sick and miss a day of work, that doesn’t mean you resign from your job.  Same goes for our nutrition goals.
I have put her 20 things to try in 2015 on my fridge as a daily reminder for myself.  The link for the full article can be found here: Ask A Nutritionist Article in Running Room Magazine
For quicker access, I will re-type the list here:
20 things to do in 2015:
-Drink more water
-Eat out less
-Eat more vegetables
-Reduce caffeine intake
-Choose a new food to try
-Have protein with every meal
-Reduce consumption of processed and packaged foods
-Take your supplements daily or as recommended by your health provider
-Stop eating when you are no longer hungry (vs. when you are full)
-Focus on FOOD QUALITY not quantity
-Get more sleep
-Consume breakfast daily
-Bring your lunch to work (it’s easy if you plan leftovers)
-Drink less alcohol
-Eat healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut oil & olive oil
-Reduce consumption of refined grains and flour products
-Fuel workouts appropriately
-Chew your food more
-Don’t eat in front of the computer, or the TV, or while driving
-Don’t eat a large meal right before bed
—Sheri Devereaux, Nurse Practitioner
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