The Markham Family Health Team Prenatal Program was designed with two types of patients in mind:

1) Women who will receive prenatal care at Markham FHT and,

2) Newborns to 4 weeks of age receiving care at Markham FHT.

Joining Drs Dana Abenstein, Tom Filosa and Jeff Weissberger is a dynamic team of allied health professionals: nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacist and registered dieticians.

Our program hopes to enhance your prenatal and postpartum experience by providing you with educational tools, support, and as always, unparalleled care.

If you are a prenatal patient, your doctor or nurse practitioner will introduce you to our program at your first prenatal visit. Mothers of newborns will get this information at your baby’s first “well baby” check-up.

Elements of the Prenatal Program include:

• Regular prenatal visits with your doctor or nurse practitioner.

• Tele-triage contact with a registered nurse to address your questions/concerns.

• Access to our pharmacist as necessary for questions about medications that are safe in pregnancy, vitamin supplements, etc.

• Access to our registered dieticians as necessary for patients concerned about their nutritional health in pregnancy and while breast feeding.

• Assistance with breast feeding technique offered by our registered nurses.

• Access to information on prenatal classes, parenting classes, car seat safety, etc., available on our website.

Handouts for our Patients:

A Patient Schedule for your Prenatal Visits

Arranging Circumcision for your Infant

Breast and Bottle Feeding FAQs

Guidelines for Healthy Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Prenatal – Medications that are Safe in Pregnancy

Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy

Questions and Answers

The above handouts were created for your reference. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the nurse or speak to your doctor.

External Prenatal Links:

General Information:

Canadian Paediatric Society (included info on immunizations)

Breastfeeding Information:

Jack Newman (Breastfeeding Specialist)

LaLeche League

Breast is Best (difficult to find breastfeeding attire and pumps)

Car Seat Safety:

York Region

Due Date Calculator:

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


IPS Information (Integrative Prenatal Screening- Information)

Labour Management:

Giveing Birth Naturally

Nutrition in Pregnancy:

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Newborn and Child Development:

Best Start

Parenting Classes:

York Region

Post Partum Depression:

York Region

Best Start

Pregnancy Planning:

Best Start

Prenatal Classes:

York Region

York Region

Public Health:

York Region Phone: 1-800-361-5653

Ontario Early Years (family programs/activities 0-6 years)

Public Health Agency of Canada

Durham Region Phone: 1-800-841-2729

Toronto Public Health Phone: 416-338-7600

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome):

SIDS Information


Telehealth Ontario Phone: 1-866-797-0000

Twins/Multiple Births:

Multiple Births Canada

Government Related Sites:

Newborn Registration Service (Birth registration/certificate/SIN)

Child Tax Benefit

Child Passport Application

Universal Child Care Benefit

Emplyment Insurance (maternity and parental leave)

Registered Education Savings Plan and Grant

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Looking forward to working with you!