Nov 11th 2022 Update:    New MINI Clinic added for Wed . Nov 16th and 23rd , 2-5PM at 377 Church St . Suite #101, Markham .. Bookonline – click here

If you missed the clinic and wish to receive the Influenza vaccine,

please call the office to book with an RN or RPN. 

Prepare now:

Step 1: Ensure your Health Card is valid – Service Ontario Health Card Renewal

Step 2: Ensure your office record has your valid Health Card Version Code and new Expiry Date – Upload Data


Influenza can be a serious respiratory infection. Many strains of influenza can be prevented and complications lessened with the flu vaccine. One shot, received ideally in the fall of each year, will last you through to the spring of the following year. The side effects of the flu vaccine are generally mild and include soreness or redness at the site of the injection, some diffuse muscle aches and sometimes a transient fever. Serious side effects are rare. You should not have a flu shot if you are allergic to thimerosal, neomycin or eggs, or have had a significant reaction to prior dosages of the flu vaccine. The flu shot is recommended for all individuals age 6 months and older. The office and most pharmacies have more information for you if you wish.     

Thank You.       

Markham Family Health Team