Diabetes Management

Markham Family Health Team is pleased to support our patients with diabetes through a self-management approach to diabetes care.

When you take charge of the day-to-day management of your diet, exercise and lifestyle you will get better control of your sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. We have a team of health professionals available to support you at any stage of your disease. Click on the links below to learn more about the different ways that our Diabetes Care Team can help you improve your blood sugar control to prevent long-term complications of diabetes.

• We can also accommodate one-on-one appointments and on-going follow-up for those with individual concerns.

Handouts to Help You:

Diabetes Flow Sheet—Helps you track your blood work, your weight, your medications and other important areas of your diabetes.

Food and Glucose Log—Use this handout to monitor your food intake and blood sugar levels so you can understand how your food choices may affect your blood sugars.

Canadian Diabetes Association Patient Education Handouts

Blood Sugar and Medication Log

Other Resources of Interest:

Canadian Diabetes Association

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Eat Right Ontario

Health Canada