Updated May28th 2021

You can also call 1.833.943.3900 if you prefer to call.

For a listing of some GTA vaccine sites  and available appointments also try: http://vaccine-gta.ca

One site for Eastern York Region is the Cornell Community Centre, 3201 Bur Oak Ave in Markham.  We will be at that location (Cornell Community Center)  doing vaccinations, for those that have booked for that site, as detailed on York Regions website.


Most York Region Public Health vaccine clinics (including Cornell) are booking 2nd dose appointments via the provincial booking system (see above links and tel. num ber). You are welcome to book your appointment according to the schedule set out by the province, starting Mon May 31.

Markham FHT will not be doing outreach emails for second doses. If you received an email from us this spring regarding your first dose, you should book your second dose online.


  • Week of May 31: individuals aged 80+
  • Week of June 14: individuals aged 70+
  • Week of June 28: individuals who received their first dose between the week of March 8 to April 18, on a “first-in, first-out” basis.
  • Week of July 19: individuals who received their first dose between the week of April 19 to May 9, on a “first-in, first-out” basis.
  • Week of August 2: individuals who received their first dose between the week of May 10 to May 30, on a “first-in, first-out” basis.
  • Week of August 9 to 16: individuals aged 12 to 25
  • Week of August 9: individuals who received their first dose from the week of May 31 onwards on a “first-in, first out” basis, respecting the recommended intervals.

Currently, the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is being offered at an accelerated pace with a 10-week interval for individuals who received their first dose between March 10 to March 19, 2021. In addition, beginning the week of May 31st, all individuals who received their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine from March 10 onwards will be eligible to receive a second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at a 12-week interval, with appointment dates based on the timing of their first dose.

Latest updates: https://news.ontario.ca/en/backgrounder/1000220/anticipated-schedule-for-second-doses-of-covid-19-vaccines

Come prepared for your appointment. You will need to have no COVID-19 symptoms, bring government sponsored photo ID ( Health Card, Drivers Lic. or Passport), provide consent and wear clothing that can easily expose the upper part of the arm.

Also: Effective April 3rd, Ontario residents age 55+ can book Astra Zeneca COVID-19 vaccination at select pharmacies. ( Ontario.ca/book-vaccine)


Physicians and nurses at Markham Family Health Team are part of the team doing vaccinations at the Cornell Community Vaccination Clinic.  We are excited to partner with colleagues and hope to see many of you at the Cornell Community Center over the coming months.
At this time, no Covid vaccine is available at our office.
No doctors notes should be required to prove your “eligibility” for vaccine.

Do not delay.  Please take the first vaccine offered to you.



Please learn all you can about the Covid vaccine  through the following resources.

click here for: Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Information ( Gov’t of Ontario)

click here for: COVID-19 Vaccine Information ( Ministry of Health)

click here for: Vaccine Appointment Information-What you Need to Know ( Ministry of Health) 

click here for : Vaccine preparedness – After Care ( Ministry of Health)

click here for :  another Vaccination After Care Information and Instructions ( Center for Effective Practice)

click here for: COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy and Breast Feeding information.

click here for: Youtube Vox News Video comparing Vaccines

click here for: Multi language vaccine information sheets


Vaccine roll-out is being administered by Public Health, the MOHLTC and regional Hospitals.

CLICK HERE for the master document that outlines the current Ontario Covid 19 vaccine distribution program. We will be updating our website with more information as we receive it. Stay tuned!

Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine Distribution plan is depicted below.  Click to enlarge.