Updated Jan 22th 2021

Vaccine roll-out is being administered by Public Health, the MOHLTC and regional Hospitals.

The vaccine is not yet available in the community and we are not receiving supply at this time.

What we do know at this time:

Phase 1 COVID-19 vaccine rollout is now with targets of Long Term Care residents, people in congregate settings, staff, essential care givers and high risk front line personnel. Regional “hot-spots” are the priority geographic areas.

Phase 2 ( late winter) will include other health care providers such as community family doctors.

Phase 3 ( spring /summer) for all patients who want to be immunized.

Markham FHT is pleased to be working in partnership with York Region Public Health to administer Covid vaccinations to at-risk seniors living in long term care, retirement homes, and other congregate settings.   Assisting with the delivery of vaccines to Stage 1 priority populations helps to move the community to Stage 2.  Planning of mass vaccination clinics for the Stage 2 priority populations in the York Region area is well under way.  The Markham FHT is involved in the planning and implementation of these “hub“ clinics, and as more information becomes available we will share it here on our website.

Please be advised that we are not building a “vaccine wait list” for patients.

CLICK HERE for Ontario’s web page on COVID-19 Vaccinations.

CLICK HERE for the master document that outlines the current Ontario Covid 19 vaccine distribution program. We will be updating our website with more information as we receive it. Stay tuned!

Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine Distribution plan is depicted below.  Click to enlarge.