Markham Family Health Team Services

Markham FHT provides medical care to patients in our community who have formally registered through the Ministry of Health with this FHT

Comprehensive family medicine and a full range of primary care services have historically been provided by the family doctors with the assistance of our Registered Nurses. In addition, some of our physicians provide obstetrical care, caring for women during their pregnancies and delivering their babies. Others work in nursing homes, provide care in the rehab/chronic care wards of the hospital, and assist in surgery.

Markham Family Health Team builds on the past and moves care into the future. We are able to augment services and access to service. While you will continue to enjoy your relationship with your own physician, you will also have access to the expertise of other team members including: Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians, Mental Health Counsellors/Social worker and Pharmacists. More

As part of our mission to create and deliver a model of lifelong care that optimizes health for the individuals, families and community we serve, Markham FHT is pleased to share our “Guide to Wellness Visits”. The schedule is meant to help patients understand how often they should see their provider for a Wellness Visit (formerly referred to as “check ups” or “physicals”). Patients with continuing or chronic health issues will need to see their health care providers for regular follow-up of their conditions outside of this schedule. Please speak to your provider if you require more information specific to your care needs.Click here to view the Markham FHT Wellness Visit Schedule

We look forward to expanding our accessibility of care to you. We look forward to the input of allied health providers and the team approach to a healthy community.

Markham Family Health Team Programs

All programs at the Markham FHT are managed by Lisa Ruddy, RN our Clinical Program Manager. Lisa has worked at Markham FHT since 2003 and is responsible for the development and ongoing evaluation of each program.  For general questions , or other program inquiries, Lisa can be reached at 905-471-9999 ext 519.

COVID-19 Vaccine:  click here for more information

Caring for the Caregiver: This six session workshop teaches skills to help you manage the day-to-day challenges of caregiving. Click for details->  Caring for the Caregiver

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: If you have a history of a chronic health issue(s) that has impacted your physical and mental health, this workshop can help to enhance your care. The Stanford University’s evidence-based Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is a 6 week workshop designed to teach self-management skills in a group setting to better manage the common symptoms associated with having a chronic health issue. The targeted symptoms include poor sleep, pain, stress/anxiety, depression, difficult emotions, fatigue, shortness of breath, and physical limitations. For further details or registration, please call the office and dial extension 309 or email info@markhamfht.comClick here to link to session dates and more info.

Chronic Pain Self-Management Program: This 6 week program is suitable for individuals who have a history of chronic pain. In this evidence-based program, you will learn strategies to break the chronic pain symptom cycle which often involves poor sleep, muscle tension, limited movement, difficulty breathing, stress/anxiety, difficult emotions, depression, and fatigue. The program aims to empower individuals with self-management tools to tackle the daily challenges of having chronic pain and regaining control over their lives. This program has been developed in collaboration between Stanford University, McGill University and Memorial University. For further details or registration, please call the office and dial extension 309 or email   Click here to link to session dates and more info.

Craving Change –  A How-To Workshop for Changing your Relationship with Food:  Do you want to improve what, when or how much you eat?  Then the Craving Change™ program is for you!   Click here for more information:

Medication Reconciliation Program – Have you been recently discharged from a hospital? If so, then you may be eligible to have your medications reconciled and reviewed by the pharmacist or nurse before you see your primary care provider. At the visit, your health chart will be updated to reflect any changes in medications and ensure there are no errors. If booking an appointment after being released from the hospital, feel free to ask about this program if it hasn’t already been offered to you!

ED Bridge Program – The length of time between a patient’s diagnosis of an eating disorder and entry into a formal eating disorders treatment program can be weeks to months. During that time, these patients are often medically unstable and in need of some type of immediate intervention. Click here here for more information.

Guided Self Change is developed for people with mild-moderate alcohol usage, who would like to increase control over drinking behaviours and reduce or eliminate alcohol usage. This program consists of a 1:1 session with one of our nurse practitioners/social workers, along with participating in a 5 week group program. Click here for more information.

Heart Smart Program – Do you have high cholesterol? Are you looking for ways to examine your diet and improve your cholesterol levels? This education session, lead by the Registered Dietitian, has the information you need. click here for more information.

Smoking Cessation Program – Smoking Treatment for OntarioPatients (STOP), is a program designed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and funded by the MOHLTC, to help patients quit smoking. The program provides free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patches, gum, lozenges, inhalers) to patients who smoke and are registered with the Markham FHT. One-on-one counselling sessions are also provided to patients who enroll in the program. If you would like more information on how to STOP smoking, click here for more information.

Group Lifestyle Balance Program – The Markham FHT Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB) Program follows a well-studied U.S. based lifestyle modification model called the Group Lifestyle Balance. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has modified this program and awarded only a handful of Family Health Teams the opportunity to implement this pilot project;we were one of the groups selected. Click here for more information.

Pre-Diabetes Information Class – Did you know that diet and lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of developing diabetes by up to 60%? Click here for information on a single educational session

50+ Wellness Program – Are you a male or female patient between ages 50 and 69? Have you ever wondered if your health needs change after the age of 50? Click here for more information.

Cervical Cancer Screening – The Markham FHT Cervical Cancer Screening Program offers our patients the convenience of scheduling a Pap test with the nurse. Through this effort, we hope to increase our patients’ access to health care providers who can perform Pap testing. Click here to learn more.

Prenatal – Our program hopes to enhance your prenatal and postpartum experience by providing you with educational tools, support, and as always, unparalleled care. Click here for more information.

Diabetes Management – Your care management team is ready to get you started on the road to effective self-management of your diabetes. Whether you have just been diagnosed with diabetes, have been told your blood sugar is elevated, or have had diabetes for many years, our pharmacist, registered dieticians, nurses, and nurse practitioners are available to discuss your diabetes targets, and to work with you to help achieve those targets. Click here for more information.

Aging at Home – Most seniors want to continue living at home. The Markham Family Health Team Aging at Home Program helps seniors stay healthy in their homes by assessing their needs and coordinating the necessary resources. Click here for more information.

Acute Care – Appointments open up each morning and afternoon for acute same-day urgent needs. Patients are given an appointment time when they call that day. This is then augmented with the evening urgent slots which are accessed on a first-come first-served walk-in basis. These openings are for same day urgent needs that cannot await an appointment with your regular provider. We ask that you respect the spirit and intent of these appointments.

Anticoagulation – Patients on warfarin can access an RN, in office, to test their INR and give them a result while they wait. A protocol is implemented to advise the patient on warfarin dosage. We trust this will be invaluable to improving INR control and in providing timely service to our patients.

Immunization – Markham FHT advocates for routine vaccination, travel vaccines, and specific vaccines like Gardasil, to protect against disease. Our nurses, physicians or nurse practitioners are the resource people to talk to, to ensure you understand the risks and benefits of immunization. Click here  more information and an up to date immunization schedule.

Influenza Program – Flu shots are made available through coordinated flu clinics, typically in the month of October. Click here in October for announcements and posting of clinic times.

Mental Health – Services are offered to registered patients and accessed by referral from your regular FHT provider. See the Providers Section to learn more, as well as a comprehensive listing of resources in the GTA for Mental Health under our Resources section.

For more information on Mental Health and Wellness Programs, including group sessions. Click HERE!