The OFFICE remains OPEN for in-person visits throughout the pandemic.

Office visits are firstly either by telephone or video.

In-person office visits will be booked, if necessary, thereafter. Please review Virtual Care information here: MFHT Virtual Care and COVID-19.  To receive incoming calls please ensure your phone does NOT block “Unknown Callers”. Also, please supply your preferred tel. number for Telephone appts and your email for Video appts in the Appointment Reason box.  If need be, following a Virtual Care assessment, and if you pass COVID-19 screening, then your provider may be able to assist you with an office in-person visit.  Thank you for your co-operation.


***Dr Jenova Reginold is covering for Dr Ashley Zaretsky.***

She is available via online booking and by calling the office.

***Dr Ji Hyeon Choi is covering for Dr Lorraine Mingie on Fridays***

Please book with her by calling 905-471-999 for a virtual appointment.


Online Booking

( You cannot book COVID-19 Vaccination through this site – click here for more information)

No appointments available?  – Call our Call Centre at 905-471-9999 as your provider may still have openings as they cover Urgent Care for the office.

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An easy to use system links securely and directly to our appointment software and will seamlessly notify our office of your booking request in minutes!  For requests made after-hours, our staff will email confirmation promptly in the morning (Monday through Friday).Online booking requires that each person needing an appointment must have an email address that is uniquely theirs in order to proceed.  Currently, dependents need their own profile made with their name, date of birth, and their own unique email in order to make an appointment. One can also access online booking via

Only those providers, with appointments available, will appear in the pick list.


Booking via our phone centre also remains available during office hours.  (905-471-9999; Monday – Thursday: 8:30AM – 5:00PM and Friday: 8:30AM – 3:00PM) as do other options for same day service. Please note the Urgent Care  and Dr Available appointments are booked via our Call Centre.

Please be aware that not all services are insured by OHIP.  Click here to learn more about insured and uninsured services.

We hope you find our online appointment service valuable.  Please direct any feedback to with the subject line “Online Booking” followed by your comments.