Nov 5th – Diabetes Educator Day!

November 5th is Diabetes Educator Day!


Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)®  is a health professional, committed to excellence in diabetes education and who has a sound knowledge base in diabetes care/management and education processes, as well as good communication skills and who has passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator’s Certification Board (CDECB) exam.

At the Markham Family Health Team you are lucky to have two CDE’s working at the practice, myself, Sheetal (Clinical Pharmacist) and Andrea (Registered Dietitian). We each have our own areas of expertise but overall have a good command of diabetes care and management.  We often like to see patients together so that we can provide the most comprehensive approach to diabetes care and with the help of our diabetes team which includes doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, chiropodist, and social workers you can pretty much get all your diabetes needs met here at the practice. Keep in mind however that diabetes care can extend even beyond our walls. As a patient you may be referred to a Diabetes Education Centre (DEC), LMC clinic, endocrinologist and/or nephrologist. You may also get diabetes care through your community pharmacist. It can get confusing with all the different players that may be involved but keep in mind the most important is you!

Here are a few tips that I recommend to patients to get the most out of their diabetes care; (and a few documents to get you on your way!)

1. Be prepared for your visits.

2. Know your targets, goals and results.

3. Know your diabetes team.

4. Write things down!


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