How to reduce your salt intake without sacrificing flavour!

Leslie Beck, a registered dietitian and regular columnist in the Globe and Mail wrote a great article about how to use different herbs and spices to flavour foods, while minimizing the amount of salt needed. Check out the article here:

With diabetes, it is important to aim for a healthy blood pressure, so our heart and our kidney’s don’t have to work as hard. Reducing your salt (sodium) intake is one way to do this.

The recommendation for sodium intake is 1500-2300mg per day. One teaspoon of salt = 2300mg of sodium! Most Canadians eat at least double the recommended amount of sodium in the day, and most of this comes from processed foods, not what we add to our foods.

To help reduce your sodium intake, choose unprocessed fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and dairy products more often. Also, review food labels before you buy. Choose foods that have 10% DV (daily value) or less of sodium, or the lowest % DV if you are comparing between products.

What foods have more sodium in them than you thought? Any surprises? Any good low sodium finds? Share them with the group!


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