This November four members of the IMG_2293Markham Family Health Team will join an amazing team of 60 health professionals to provide medical care in northern Ghana, Africa. The team will provide over 9,000 patents with free medical care that they otherwise could not afford or access.

This is an amazing opportunity for our team to make a contribution to a well-run and well-established global health initiative. The team will deliver medical, surgical dental and eye care to several communities in northern Ghana. The organization we are joining is the Ghana Rural Integrated Development (GRID). More information about our team and GRID can be found at:

The four professionals from the Markham Family Health Team that will be participating in this mission are: our pharmacist, Sheetal Desai, one of our nurses, Kim Narduzzi and two of our physicians, Drs. Tom Filosa and Bill Newton. Our gaol is to create a long lasting and sustainable partnership between Markham Family Health Team and GRID.

We hope that you can support the project by making a donation to GRID. Your donation will go directly to medical supplies, equipment and medication related to the project.

Donating is fast, secure and easy by visiting our Giving page at, or by clicking the link below:





Thank you for your support!