Farewell Ramona!

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After 42 years of  Nursing and a long dedicated career with Markham Family Physicians and Markham Family Health Team, our Lead Nurse Ramona has decided it is time to retire.

Her family is putting together a Book of Memories highlighting her career over the years and we thought that since she has cared for so many generations of our patients, some families might like to write her a little message that would be included in this book.

If you would like to let her know how much you value the care she has provided to both you and your family over the years, please go to our website www.markhamfht.com, go to Blog and choose Farewell Ramona. Please enter your name and email address (required fields) and then enter your comment and Post Comment. It is as simple as that. We promise to pass along your kind words to her family.

We ask that you help us keep this a secret until it is ready to present to her.

Mona has always been such a vital part of the day to day operations of this practice. It is hard to imagine not seeing her every day but one thing we all agree on…..she has most certainly earned some rest and relaxation.

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  1. Sharon Fazzari
    Sharon Fazzari says:

    Mona, it certainly doesn’t seem like you are old enough to be retiring already! However, it is a most wonderful time of your life and I hope you enjoy every single deserved minute of relaxation that comes your way. It will not be the same without your friendly, kind face around the office but girl, you go kick your heels and reap the benefits of a great retirement!! Enjoy the next stage of your journey…..you will be missed.
    Sharon and Frank Fazzari

  2. Laura Flynn-Northcote
    Laura Flynn-Northcote says:

    What are we going to do without Mona??? Not only has she been taking care of me for, well, let’s just say many years, she was also the only nurse I would have trusted with my first baby. The office won’t be the same without her loving personality and unparalleled commitment to quality patient care. We’ll miss you, Mona! xoxoxo

  3. Lisa Antle
    Lisa Antle says:

    Wow, you are retiring! Such an amazing thing for you, yet so sad for the office staff and patients! As I was both a coworker and a patient I have seen both sides of you. However the two sides are the same! You have always been a caring, generous and knowledgeable person. I wish you nothing but happiness in your future endeavors! Your warm smile and wonderful laugh will be missed by many! Rest and enjoy, you deserve it!

  4. Shaun, Jenn & Kristin
    Shaun, Jenn & Kristin says:

    Mona thank you so much for your care, love & support!!! We have been blessed by you for 10 years plus – you will be missed bigtime but SO excited for you as you embark on this next journey in life …have fun & ENJOY…definitely well deserved – Love Shaun, Jenn & Kristin.

  5. Jovi Teotico
    Jovi Teotico says:

    You will be greatly missed!
    You have been there for me ever since I started with Dr. Mingie when she first started, and you have immunized each one of my three kids (Tristen 17yrs, Tyler 7yrs and Thea 6yrs old). Thank you for your loving support (especially when I was a new mom with my Tristen….
    I will miss your smiling face whenever we come into the office and your “Great job Mom” hugs after the kids get their needles!
    We wish you nothing but the best because you deserve the world!!!!!!!
    Jovi & Kids (Tristen, Tyler, Thea)

  6. Margaret Waddington
    Margaret Waddington says:

    Ramona, I will miss your hugs and your smile. You make my weekly visit to the clinic to get my injection so much easier. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. I wish you all the best for your future. Happy retirement!!

  7. Randy and Liz Franks
    Randy and Liz Franks says:

    Mona you somehow remember us even when we managed to go for some longer periods without needing to go to the office! You gave me lots of needles and even helped the pharma company run out of poison ivy vaccine. You have earned your retirement and Liz and I wish for it to be long, healthy and happy.
    We will miss you.
    Randy and Liz.

    • Joy Roberts and Melissa Littlejohn
      Joy Roberts and Melissa Littlejohn says:

      Many thanks Ramona for so many years of your smiling and caring ways. You have kept the office with all your Doctors, organized and on task.
      Melissa truly appreciates your hugs and your gentle manner in which you give her a needle.
      Good luck with retirement. We will certainly miss you.
      Warmest Regards
      Joy Roberts and Melissa Littlejohn

  8. Janis Panetta
    Janis Panetta says:

    Mona, I can’t believe your retirement day is finally here! I’m not sure how the office with run without you. Even during those busy, hectic, crazy days you still managed to be caring and giving while providing the very best nursing support. I will miss hearing you say every Friday, “Thanks girls for another great week! Couldn’t have gotten through it without you!” Well, I guess we will have to learn to get through it without you.

    Enjoy your retirement with Doug. You deserve it and have earned it. I will miss you. xo

  9. Jim Scollick
    Jim Scollick says:

    Hello Ramona:
    I’ve been with the Family Health Centre for 20 years now and the one remaining commonality over this period has been you. It’s even a different office now. You and I haven’t had much interaction of late, and that is probably a good thing for me. I take it as a sign of health. I certainly did appreciate our regular visits when I was struggling with allergies. Thank you for your care and attention.
    I lived in Port Elgin for 17 years before coming here to Markham and am familiar with the communities. I think your choice of Southampton is an excellent decision. The communities are accustomed to newcomers and I am sure you will fit right in. Take the time to look around, then get involved and enjoy. Take time to relax, as well. You have certainly earned it.
    Jim Scollick
    P.S. If it snows there, sit back, relax, and wait before dealing with it. It will always stop.

  10. Joan Redmond
    Joan Redmond says:

    It will seem strange to look around the corner and not see you. You have called my home with results
    from a previous visit………” Not to worry Joan, the doctor says everything’s ok,” that was always comforting to hear. You sure have earned your right to retire and wish you and your family lots of happy, healthy years.

  11. Wicks Family
    Wicks Family says:

    Dear Mona
    You will be missed by so many!!! You have brought, valued experience, the highest quality health care to all your patients and you do so with compassion, humour and the most beautiful smile!
    It has been a pleasure to have known you all these years and to have benefitted from your caring, professional, manner.
    Enjoy, relax, you so deserve it.
    Murray, Trina, Victoria and Gabrielle

  12. Suzanne Turney
    Suzanne Turney says:

    I was just checking the website to find the clinics hours when I discovered the NEWS! I suppose congratulations are in order, but I can’t help feeling a bit sad. Even though I haven’t seen you for ages there has always been a level of comfort for me knowing that you were there, even if it was at Cornell. I will never forget your kindness and care over the years, from Dr. lougheed’s home office to Markham Family Health Team. Enjoy this new phase of your life knowing that you have made such a positive difference to so many.

  13. Judy Vella
    Judy Vella says:

    Mona, what a happy person you are! While waiting to have my INR checked, I have observed your sunny disposition over the years. Positive, happy people like you enrich the world and I’m sorry to see you leave. Enjoy your many years of retirement…it’s another wonderful stage in your life. Judy Vella

  14. Dempster Family
    Dempster Family says:

    Congratulations on your very deserving retirement after 42 years of nursing! We’ve had the pleasure of knowing you for 20 plus of those years and can’t thank you enough for your kind, caring, heart not to mention your wonderful smile and cheery greeting each time we would visit the office. Best wishes to you in your retirement. Relax, Enjoy and take time for the simple pleasures!
    Lori, Andrew and Jamie Dempster

  15. Judi & Alyson Doyle
    Judi & Alyson Doyle says:

    Dear Mona:
    I want to wish you the very best in retirement. It is wonderful after you get used to it. Thank you for always being there for Alyson and I, and our girls grew up together, and now are both mom’s together, and we are grandma’s together as well. Enjoy the new adventures that lay ahead, and make those trips to the UK frequently to see Amanda’s little girl.
    Best Wishes Always.

  16. Noreen & Neil Johnston
    Noreen & Neil Johnston says:

    All the very best for an enjoyable retirement. We will miss you both at our health clinic, and as our neighbour on Pringle Avenue. By the way, all those allergy shots which you gave me didn’t hurt one bit. Have a long retirement.

  17. Janey Cole
    Janey Cole says:

    WOW Moni I can’t believe the time has finally come! You were the face of MFHT, what will they do without you! Who is going to take charge of those flu clinics! With all your devoted years of service you certainly deserve to enjoy some quality time with Dougy and a new grandbaby! Congrats my friend. Enjoy every minute of it as there is no one that deserves it more than you!

    Lots of love and best wishes coming your way.


  18. Diane Roulston
    Diane Roulston says:

    Dear Ramona,
    I am happy for you as you begin your new life in retirement. You have given so much in such a cheerful way. I will however most selfishly miss you. Your genuine caring and concern are hard to beat. I will always remember our “special connection” and the good feelings that came from that. All the best to you and yours.

  19. Karen Smee
    Karen Smee says:

    It is an honour to leave a message here for you Mona. What an amazing nurse you have been for me and my 3 boys for 21 years, more importantly what a wonderful human being. Always a smile on your face and a hop in your step. You were always a pleasure to visit, I know you will be missed immensely by colleagues and patients. Wishing you a enjoyable retirement, hoping it gives back to you what you have given over the years to many.

  20. Wendie Stewart
    Wendie Stewart says:

    Dear Mona:

    I’m not sure what we’re going to do without you after 30 plus years of friendship. We always called you our resident nurse. Any time one of our kids was sick, you were always there for us no matter what time of day or night.

    The same goes for your dedication to MFP. They will be lost without you. It won’t be the same when we have appointments and you won’t be there.
    Enjoy your retirement, your family and new home in Southampton and finally relax. This has been your dream for a long time and now you are going to live it. How wonderful for you and Doug. As I close, I’m singing Everything Is Beautiful!!! LOL

    Love you,


  21. Jack Newhouse
    Jack Newhouse says:

    Wow…42 years and you look so young. Ramona has been instrumental in keeping our family heathy and we really appreciated her help. She gave ‘good needles’. Have an enjoyable retirement.

  22. Herb & Heather Young
    Herb & Heather Young says:

    So sorry that you are leaving but we know you deserve it. You always had a happy smile even under trying times. Time to sit back, put your feet up and relax. Take time to enjoy you retirement. You will not be forgotten.

  23. Zarzeczny family
    Zarzeczny family says:

    You have been a part of this family practice for so long I don’t know what they will do without you! Before the Family Health Team, before the Cornell office … you have been part of so many changes, and yet you continue to be the patients’ go-to voice (and no doubt the office go-to, as well) for reassurance, for questions, for advice. Thank you for taking such good care of my family for the past 20+ years. We will miss you.


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