National Advisory Committee on Immunization If you choose not to vaccinate Rourke Baby Record Information for Parents Meningitis B (Meningococcal Serogroup B (4CMenB) Vaccine) information Ontario’s Routine Immunization Schedule   For patients with diabetes, your health provider encourages you to have a flu shot every year and to have a […]

OHIP and Uninsured Services

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for medically necessary services provided to patients seen in the office/hospital etc. You may require some services that are not insured by OHIP – these are considered Uninsured Services. Examples include, but are not limited to: travel advice and travel immunization telephone prescription renewals telephone consultation – phone […]

Looking after your feet in during the winter months

My name is Shirley and I am the Chiropodist (foot specialist) at the Markham Family Health Team. Looking after your feet is a very important part of diabetes care. It’s the middle of winter. Skin care is very important as the weather is drier and colder. Just like you apply a moisturizer on your hands, […]

Clothesline Campaign and a chance to WIN!

Looking to declutter? Or have clothes that don’t fit anymore (thanks to all the exercising you are doing:) Well here’s an opportunity to donate gently used clothing and also have a chance to WIN A VACATION!!! Are you intrigued? If so, visit the CDAs website and follow the link: It will explain all the […]

The diabetes care that is right for you

Driving to work I heard a blurb on diabetes on CBC radio (Diabetes Clip on CBC Radio). It talked about individualizing approach to chronic disease. Most of you on this blog are too young for the relaxation of targets for your A1C that they describe. However, it’s important to let your health provider know what […]

Small steps towards better health

I saw this in the Running Room magazine for January.  It was written by Tara Postnikoff , a registered nutritional consultant  on page 35 in her monthly column “Ask A Nutritionist”. The article is geared for runners but most of the suggestions would apply to all of us.  I will let Andrea, our expert dietitian, […]

Flavourful holiday recipes to lighten up your meals!

Here are some tasty side dishes to consider rather than the usuals.   Balsamic Roasted Squash and Root Vegetables: Great option instead of mashed potatoes or a sweet potato casserole.  The flavour of the balsamic vinegar with the vegetables is sweet and tangy–delicious! Leftovers are great added to a salad of spinach with feta cheese and […]

Farewell Ramona!

After 42 years of  Nursing and a long dedicated career with Markham Family Physicians and Markham Family Health Team, our Lead Nurse Ramona has decided it is time to retire. Her family is putting together a Book of Memories highlighting her career over the years and we thought that since she has cared for so […]

Assess your Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Risk

This post is for those who have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes–so you may be pre-diabetic, or have been told that your sugars are a little high.  Maybe your sugar levels are fine, but you want to check in with your health and see whether you are at risk of developing diabetes.  Maybe you […]

Nov 5th – Diabetes Educator Day!

November 5th is Diabetes Educator Day!   A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)®  is a health professional, committed to excellence in diabetes education and who has a sound knowledge base in diabetes care/management and education processes, as well as good communication skills and who has passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator’s Certification Board (CDECB) exam. At the Markham Family […]

Sitting is the new smoking…

Maybe you’ve heard this phrase before but it really highlights the need for all of us to optimize our behaviours to become less sedentary. I thought I’d blog about this issue as it relates to diabetes but the issue of physical activity transcends diabetes and is something we all should prioritize. According to Statistics Canada, […]

To test or not to test?

“How often should I test my blood sugar?”  This is very common questions I get and my answer always is…”it depends!”   Self monitoring of blood sugar (or SMBG as medical people call it) is not a one size fits all approach.  Previously as diabetes educators, we were trained to tell patients to do routine testing but […]