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Meningitis B (Meningococcal Serogroup B (4CMenB) Vaccine) information

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For patients with diabetes, your health provider encourages you to have a flu shot every year and to have a ” pneumonia” shot (Pneumovax) .    If you are not sure about these shots, ask us to review your chart to ensure you are up to date.

How many of you have had a Hepatitis B shot??  Adults with diabetes are more at risk of this liver disease.  Because your immune system is busy fighting diabetes, you could have more difficulty fighting this viral infection. Hepatitis B is spread through blood born transmission. Inadequate sterilization of medical instruments is an example of how this exposure could occur, perhaps while obtaining health care during travel.

Your liver is an important organ for detoxification and breaks down some medications. Protect your liver and consider getting  a vaccine .  Hepatitis A is spread fecal -oral route. It can be caught at salad bars with improperly washed vegetables or during travel, when we depend on workers to wash their hands during food preparation.

There are combined (Hepatitis A & B) and  single vaccines for Hepatitis B. Most private insurance plans will cover these shots. Be proactive and let us know if you are interested.  A prescription can be generated once a review is made of your chart and an appointment can be made with the registered nurse.