Welcome to the Markham FHT Group Diabetes Visit Blog!

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to our blog and discussion space on WordPress. If your reading this you’ve already figured out how to navigate to the posts. Andrea and I and the rest of our team at Markham Family Health Team (FHT) are really excited about our group visit project and hope you will get a lot out of the experience. The goal is to optimize the health outcomes of all of our participants and help to facilitate the self management of your diabetes. We are going use this project to try out some innovative ways of accomplishing this goal. We hope to learn how to better manage diabetes together but we really hope that participants can learn from each other and not just from the professionals.

About the blog. We hope that this will become a forum for us to share useful information around diabetes. We also hope it will be a place where you can post your questions and we will all pitch in to find the best answers. Keep in mind that because of obvious privacy issues, the posts should be of a general nature and not about a specific individual. First names only please.
From the Markham FHT we will have the following professionals who may be posting their comments: Myself – your trusty family doctor, Andrea-our registered dietitian/clinical diabetes educator, Paula-our registered nurse, Janey-our administrative support, Sheetal-our pharmacist, Sheri-our nurse practitioner, Shirley – our chiropodist, Tony – our IT support and Lisa-our clinical program manager. Depending on the expertise we require to respond to a posting, we may pull in the services of other professional services as needed. Andrea and I will do our best to moderate the posts. Please keep them courteous and respectful at all times.
We welcome your feedback along the way. We want to know what your needs around diabetes are so please let us know. If you have any difficulty with the WordPress site/blog please contact Janey, our admin support, for assistance.
Dr. Bill

Ontario Diabetes Passport

Here is a copy of the Ontario Diabetes Passport to record important information about your diabetes.

Diabetes Passport