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The OFFICE remains OPEN for in-person visits throughout the pandemic.

Please book a telephone or video visit first to access an in-person visit (click here).


Still need a FLU SHOT ?  Please call to book with our Nursing staff.

COVID-19 Vaccine information: Click here for updates

 Also: Seniors aged 65+ are eligible to receive the influenza vaccine through York Region Public Health’s community flu clinics. These individuals can go to to book an appointment or call 1-877-464-9675 ext. 73456 if assistance is required for booking. Information regarding the Richmond Hill clinic located at the Richmond Hill Legion on November 17 and November 18 is available on our website. Patients aged 65+ can also receive the QIV flu vaccine and should not delay vaccination to wait for a particular product. 


Children , COVID-19 and Screening: click here for useful steps


Click here for more COVID-19 RESOURCES as well as

Tips on Managing Stress and Anxiety during COVID-19


If you have any respiratory symptoms (cough congestion sore throat etc) please access up to date information and direction at Public Health Ontario .

Self Assessment Tool ( GTA) : COVID-19 Toronto

Self Assessment Tool ( Ontario) : COVID-19 Ontario

Telehealth Ontario is an additional first line resource. Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000

Office visits will be by by telephone or video. Please review Virtual Care information here: MFHT Virtual Care and COVID-19

Book online or call 905 471-999 to arrange a virtual visit.

If need be, following a Virtual Care assessment, and if you have no COVID-19 symptoms and no contact or travel history, then your provider may be able to assist you with an office in-person visit.


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MFHT continues to invest in technology, EMR and online communications for a greener tomorrow.