Program Flyer: PRE DM class 2018

Did you know that diet and lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of developing diabetes by up to 60%?

If your blood sugars are high or if you have been told you have pre-diabetes, then attend this class to learn what you can do to reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

Our 90 minute session is run by our Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator and will cover the following:
• Risk factors for developing pre-diabetes and diabetes
• The best food choices, portions and timing to keep your blood sugars and energy stable through the day
• What type and how much activity to include every week
Learn how to set goals to keep you on your path to health, and how we can support your needs in the future.

Date: Tuesday
October 16th, 2018
Time: 5:30-7:00PM
Location: 377 Church st. Ste 201 Markham
Cost: Free

To register, please contact Rebecca at or at 905-471-9999 x 267