Apply to become a Markham FHT Patient

To receive the services of the Markham Family Health Team patients must be enrolled with one of the primary care physicians that work within Markham FHT

Benefits Of Enrollment
Accessible Care – Enrolling with the Markham FHT ensures that patients have access to a team of primary care providers with acute care, same day openings, as well as after-hours access for urgent care. Personalized care is augmented with advice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week via nurse-staffed Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS).

New Patients
New patients are welcome to join the Markham FHT. New patients are those people who do not have a family physician due to one or more of the following circumstances:
Their family physician has moved to another community;

The patient has moved to another community;

Their family physician is no longer available due to illness, death, retirement or a change in practice type;

Up until this time the patient has not had or felt they needed a family physician.

Please Note: At present, we do not have any Physicians who are taking on new patients.

Patient Enrollment Requirements

By completing and signing the Patient Enrollment and Consent to Release Personal Health Information form, patients commit to the following:

To seek treatment from a Markham FHT physician, nurse practitioner or nurse first, unless they are travelling or find themselves in an emergency situation. Enrollment commits the patient to not using unaffiliated walk-in clinics. Enrollment does not restrict your access to specialists.

To allow the ministry to provide their doctor or the FHT with information about services they have received from family doctors outside the FHT, and some preventive care services;

To not switch the doctor or FHT they are enrolled with more than twice per year.

Patients remain enrolled unless they are no longer eligible for OHIP, move outside of the geographic area of the FHT, enroll with a primary health care physician in another group, or choose to cancel their enrollment. Physicians may choose to discontinue acting as a patient’s family doctor in accordance with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) guidelines. Enrollment may also end when: the physician to whom the patient is enrolled leaves the FHT; the patient consistently fails to meet the obligations set out in the Patient Commitment on the enrollment form; or when the patient becomes a resident of a nursing home or chronic care facility.